Your housing options

There is a range of different housing options available, depending upon your circumstances. With the demands for social housing ever increasing, not everyone will be successful in applying for a council or housing association home so please be aware of the other options that may be open to you.

Social Housing

With social housing (renting from a council or housing association) you tend to have more security of tenure and guarantees of service such as repairs. Rents are generally lower than if you rent privately, but this gap is narrowing. Demand for social housing can be high however, so if you are not in urgent housing need, you may struggle to find a home in the area you want.

If you need an adaptation to your home due to illness or disability, you may find that funds for adaptations are limited. We suggest you talk to the Your Choice Your Home team to find out about a move to a more suitable property instead.

Private Rented Accommodation

Private landlords offer a wide range of accommodation, often in areas that councils and housing associations cannot. They tend to offer properties on six monthly tenancies, which can be renewed if they are happy with the way you have managed your tenancy. You don't have the same security of tenure, but the shorter tenancies and higher mobility can work for people who need to move frequently. Rents can be higher than in social housing so if you need help with your rent, check out the Local Housing Allowance before you commit to a tenancy.

Supported Housing and Move-on

There is a range of supported housing options available across the Your Choice Your Home area. Supported housing offers vulnerable people an opportunity to learn independent living skills in a safe environment. The Your Choice Your Home Partnership supports move-on into independent living - talk to the Your Choice Your Home team for further information.

Home Ownership

Outside the traditional route to buying your home, there are a number of schemes to help you get on the property ladder. We advertise shared ownership and discounted properties on the website and there is also more information on the Government's Help to Buy website.

Mutual Exchange

If you are already a social housing tenant, you may be able to advertise your home for a mutual exchange.

You advertise your home to other tenants who are looking for a move. If you find someone with whom you you want to swap homes, your landlord will carry out some checks to make sure the properties are suitable for swapping and that there have been no problems with the tenancies. If everyone is ok, you arrange a date for a move and off you go.

Visit the Your Choice Your Home House Exchange page for more information and to advertise your property (your landlord may also subscribe to other mutual exchange schemes - ask them for details).

Housing with Care

Housing with Care is purpose-built accommodation with care and support for older and vulnerable people.

Housing with Care offers you the opportunity to live independently while having the reassurance of staff on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additional support can also be arranged for those who need it.

If you would like to know more about Housing with Care click here.